The price of Pomsky puppies is not something that is set in stone.  Puppies will cost different amounts based on what traits have been inherited from their parents.  Since the broad goal in creating the breed is to make small huskies, you can generally expect to pay more for puppies that are born exhibiting primarily husky coloration on a more Pomeranian sized frame.

Skip all the explanation: how much are they?

Pomsky pups can be caught for as low as $750 to $800, and some can fetch as high as $5,000.  The median range does seem to settle into the $1,500 to $3,000 range, though.  Without the Pomsky as a standardized and recognized breed, that price variance can stay as something to be expected.  If the Pomsky Club of America has their way, though, the Pomsky will gain the status as a recognized breed, after which time the demand will become the predominant factor in the price of puppies.

What about pet maintenance?

The cost of a pet goes much further than the price of buying a puppy.  After buying a pup, you will most likely end up with a small to mid-range size dog.  As a general rule, you can look at the extra costs of a Pomsky being about the same as a dog in the small-mid size range.  As the Pomsky has an average life expectancy between 12 and 14 years, you can figure on 13 years of maintenance.

Food will be something to consider.  There is not a specific diet that Pomskies require, so you are looking at around $150 to $300 a year for dog food, based on what brand you go with and whether or not you go for the organic options.  SO, figure about $225 a year for food per year, and going on a 13 year average lifespan, that means about $2,925 average cost of feeding your Pomsky over its lifetime.  Remember that this is a rough estimate based solely on averages, and that costs fluctuate over time.

Toys and treats are another expense to consider.  If you intend to buy toys for your dog instead of using recycled kids’ toys or some other option, then you’ll be looking at about $30 annually to keep the dog chewing on the right things.  Treats are another thing you should consider as an operating expense, because the highly intelligent nature of these animals means that they will respond well to positive reinforcement in training and behavioral maintenance.  For treats, you can figure in another $40 annually.  So, between the toys and treats, you can tack another $910 average cost onto the puppy for its projected lifetime.

Assuming no special needs or sickness, the Pomsky price will also include regular veterinary visits and maintenance, coming in around $250 a year.  That means another $3,250 included in the lifetime of the animal if there are no unforeseen complications or factors that cause greater bills.


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